The new Mustangs are known by many to have very sensitive intake temperature sensors.  The factory computer keeps the engine from detonating by adding fuel and pulling timing when they get too high, though the bad thing about that is the reduction in power.  Snow Performance has been doing some testing with their new BOSS 302 Laguna Seca to show how effective adding a water/methanol kit to a stock engine can be.

This is Matt Snow’s personal vehicle and they started off at the track with the water/meth off during a 90 degree day, where they were netting 12.8s @ 103- 106 mph in the quarter. With water/methanol activated, they were hitting 12.6s at 110-111 mph, at 5900 feet elevation and bad air. Snow was noting how the Mustangs really seem to cut timing with heat, as indicated by the 45 hp jump when IAT’s cooled down. In fact, outside of the water/meth, the BOSS 302 is otherwise stock. The kit of choice is a Stage 2 MAF system using a #5 nozzle (500ml/min max).

We find using water/meth on a car like a BOSS 302 is especially effective for people that are road racing them.  The water/meth can drop air intake temperatures up to 120 degrees and keep the car running consistent lap times, making the same power lap after lap.