Picture: Mustangs Daily

Steve Saleen may have left the company that bears his name, but that doesn’t mean he is done making fast muscle cars. Quite the contrary, in fact. Saleen founded SMS Supercars and started out showing off his own take on the Dodge Challenger before moving on to the Camaro and Mustang. And while these Mustangs may not look much different from those Saleen put out last year, the differences in are more than skin deep.

Mustangs Daily reports that SMS Supercars has unveiled three new “labels” for their improved pony cars, white, yellow, and black. We’ll let you guess which one has 575 horsepower and a bevy of suspension improvements and interior upgrades.

Arguably the best bargain is the White Label Mustang, which takes your base 2011.2012 Mustang GT and adds a newly tuned PCM bumping horsepower up to 440 ponies. Other improvements include a new sport suspension, exhaust system, and interior and exterior styling “enhancements.” Priced at $35,540, it offers the power of a Boss 302 but for a few grand less.

Then there is the middle ground Yellow Label Mustang. With a starting price $45,540, it packs a 545 horsepower SMS supercharged engine and 19-inch wheels to differentiate it from the White Label. Finally, for those who want the very best, there is the Black Label, with its 575 horsepower engine, the SMS S4 suspension system, full leather interior upgrade and bodykit, and a host of other options that bump the price up to $58,000. We still think the White Label is the best deal, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these options.