More than fifty years of history and heritage has taught us that not all Mustangs are created equal, and some are more sought-after than others based on their rarity. In the case of Dennis Collins’ collection of eight separate Mustangs, six of these pony cars proved to be worth a small fortune to some enthusiasts at this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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As our friends at Gas Monkey Garage noted, Collins was a bit hesitant at first when the news broke that his private collection of Mustangs were headed to auction. Even fans of Collins and the show pointed outthat a mere decade more could have made all of the difference in profit. But Collins’ efforts to move onward proved to pay off quite well–as six out of the aforementioned eight Mustangs broke world records out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Checkout the original list below!

1. Lot 400.1 – Sold for $44,000 – WORLD RECORD!


Being the first year of the SN-95 body style, this ’94 Mustang GT convertible has an odometer reading of just under 570 miles total. It was also one of two years (’94 and ’95) that the SN-95 platform featured the outgoing 5.0-liter pushrod V8. This example included the original window sticker, books and manuals.