The life of a car writer isn’t always all that exciting. Sure, sometimes we get to test new cars, meet cool people, and even spend some time at the track. But more often than not, we are stuck in front of our computers, typing away at the latest news story to cross our desk.

Then there are the slow news days when nothing seems to be happening in the world of American automobiles. At least nothing worth writing about. So when that happens, our minds start to wander. And when you have a whole gaggle of car guys cooped up in an office together, some crazy banter is bound to come out.

And that is how the “Mustang Lee” came about.

Dreamt up by our own editor Michael Harding, “Mustang Lee” is an obvious riff on the famous General Lee from the hit television show The Dukes of Hazzard. Seeing as how the new Dodge Charger is only available as a sedan these days, the modern Duke boys would have to choose between the Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger as their getaway vehicle as choice, if they wanted to keep to the coupe style that made them famous.

While the Challenger might seem like the most natural fit, being from the Mopar lineup and all, the Ford Mustang has consistently outperformed both the Challenger and Camaro in numerous comparison challenges. If ever there was a vehicle made for high-speed getaways, the current Mustang is it. Add to that a 4-star overall crash test rating, and the Duke boys would be sure to get away unharmed from every hair brained stunt and crash they could come up with.

We’re hoping some Mustang fan out there sees this rendering and decides “Ah ha! That is totally what I am doing to my ‘Stang!” You know you want to…