Wide-body Ford Mustangs have been quite the rage lately, especially with Galpin Auto Sports and their amazing widened creations. They have had a few wide-body Shelby vehicles to show off at the past few SEMA shows in Las Vegas.

Shelby American just announced that they are now offering wide body kits for the 2005-2009 S197 platform Mustang only at this time. They will accept any model within that year range - V6, GT, and Shelby GT500.

These kits will widen the rear a whole 6-inches and 3-inches in the front. The kit is made of lightweight fiberglass so it won’t add much weight to the car at all.

You also have choices here - you can install the whole complete package with rear body components along with custom-designed 20-inch wheels and tires, or there is the option to install just the rear package kit only. The wheels come in 20×10 front and 20×13 rear, with front 265/35/R20 tires, and rear 345/35/R20 tires. That’s a lot of rubber!

This new kit by Shelby American is listed at $17,995 for the complete wide-body kit. You also know that your car is in good hands with the company that the man himself, Carroll Shelby, helped create from the ground up.