The Web makes the world go ‘round these days. It is amazing how in just a few short decades, the world became so dependent on the Internet that as a company, you simply could not exist without a website. PowerTV certainly wouldn’t be around without the Internet, and many aftermarket companies have taken to the Internet like flies to honey.

SCT, maker of programmable tuning software for a wide range of vehicles, recently updated its website in a big way. We thought you might like to take a peek at what is new at SCT.

First off you might notice how much more active the new website looks. A rotating news ticker dominates the page, highlighting recent events involving SCT like Mike Murillo’s victory at NMRA vs. NMCA “Race for the Ring”. SCT sponsors Murrilo’s Mustang, so his victory certainly is cause to celebrate.

There is also plenty of room devoted to SCT’s latest products to hit the market. This includes the first tuner for Ford’s new 5.0 liter V8 engine. Searching for products relevant to your vehicle also got a lot easier, thanks to a new search engine on the left side of the site. You can search by vehicle, product, or even dealer, as well as get quick product support. And don’t miss the latest videos from SCTTV at the bottom of the site. Playing now is a dyno video of SCT’s software on the new Mustang 5.0 (which nets about 376 horsepower and 356 ft-lbs of torque after adding the software).

Make sure you check their site and their products out; we think it is a lot easier to use now.