The era between 1974 and 1978 is a time period that many Mustang enthusiasts would rather forget about. This was the era of the unloved Mustang II…which was in many ways a throwback to the original ’64 Mustang. It was smaller and lighter than previous Mustangs, but what most people remember is that the Mustang II was based on the Pinto, which wasn’t exactly the epitome of automotive excellence.

Yet the Mustang II has managed to carve out a niche for itself with devoted enthusiasts. ROUSH Racing came across this Canary Yellow Mustang II King Cobra which has a secret underneath its hood; a ROUSH crate engine.

To make this car even more special, it is owned by Canadians. It was a Christmas present to Angie Hall from her husband, Tony. He promised her that she could do anything she wanted to do to the Mustang, and apparently the first thing she did was get on the phone with ROUSH and order a crate engine. Now that is our kind of lady!

The Mustang II, besides having been restored to better-than-new condition, features a bevy of ROUSH parts, from the engine block to the ported heads to the valve covers and air cleaner breather. That is a lot of ROUSH for one Mustang, and the car is quite the head turner due to the attention to detail (and the custom interior to boot). Not only has it won 27 awards at various car shows, but it has been autographed by greats like Chip Foose, George Barris, and of course Jack Roush himself. Tony and Angie don’t just have this one Mustang II though they have restored over a dozen of them to date, and even have a website dedicated to their ever-growing collection. Perhaps it is finally time the Mustang II got its due.