The Mustang performance gurus at ROUSH Performance have been bringing their A game to the Mustang scene for nearly 20 years now. For the 2014 model year, they’re once again promising not to disappoint. This week ROUSH Performance announced their lineup of Mustangs for the 2014 model year. While some are unchanged, there are a few new options that are sure to please even the most horsepower crazed Mustang fans.

For 2014 the RS3 is available in 3 horsepower levels the standard 575 HP, and two optional phases, with the highest, Phase 3 making a staggering 675 HP!

For a few years now, even V6 owners have been able to get some benefits from ROUSH with a styling upgrade, V6 upgrades for 2014 include a ROUSH Aero Kit, ROUSH wheels, and interior styling upgrades.

If you’re looking to set your new Mustang GT apart form the rest of the crowd, the ROUSH Stage 1 package is for you. Picking up where Ford left off, Stage 1 cars receive a ROUSH Aero body kit, various wheel options, and interior upgrades. Those looking to go to the next level, and add some corner carving capability to their car should look into stepping up the ROUSH Stage 2. This one has all the good looks of the Sage 1 but adds road hugging performance to the mix, pushing the S197 chassis closer to it’s limits. Stage 2 upgrades the car’s suspension system.

The big horse on deck though is the same as it has always been, the ROUSH Stage 3 (RS3). This supercharged beast takes stage 1, and  2 to their penultimate level. Supercharging the Coyote engine to an impressive 575 hp and 505 lb/ft of torque, the RS3 comes with braking and handling to match. All of this performance while maintaining an OEM level 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

For those who really want to go all out though, for 2014 ROUSH has a new option for the RS3. Appearing in the ROUSH Performance catalog are two additional power  upgrades that ditch the factory Coyote engine in favor of a Ford Racing Performance Parts Aluminator crate engine, allowing the supercharged performance to be cranked up higher. Phase 2 comes in at 625 hp, while those looking to outshine all other production Mustangs for bragging rights can go with the Phase 3 option which will boost power to a massive 675 hp!

Information on options and ordering are available at the ROUSH Performance web site, or your local authorized ROUSH Performance Ford dealer.