With traffic these days becoming so congested and slow, wouldn’t it be nice to raise the speed limit a little so we could get to work in the morning a little faster without that annoying speeding ticket? In one person’s opinion, slower traffic may cause more accents; just look at the Autobahn in Germany. It has no speed limit, or at least a very high speed limit in specific spots, and accidents are minimal.  That bad thing about high speed accidents is you will most likely not survive.


A few weeks ago, there was a story reported by Jalopnik.com about how higher speed limits will increase safety, which turned out to be a big hoax. A firm out of Australia came out with a study that looked legit; even going so far as to include contact information and other supporting documents. The report insisted that speed limits should be raised because driving faster made for more attentive, safer drivers. Also with the report was a website highroadauto.org which had more supporting documents including “Hybrid Propulsion System Modeling and Engine-In- the-Loop Integration.”

One thing that tipped off that the report was a fake was the name of one of the Top Gear TV show host which were totally false.  A few other bogus names included, Tiff Hummer, Ed Nissan, Chris Volks, Professor William Wagon, and Professor Alex Lotus.

Image: loxlee-loves-engines.com

As the investigation went on, they found that the website was only up for about a week before the report was released. Also found was some plagiarism from other firms that actually did research on speed limits.  So if you are wishing for a high speed limit, keep dreaming. Keep it on the track.