The Ford GT40 aka “the Ferrari Killers” helped Ford to take down Enzo’s sports cars during the heated Le Mans races of the 1960’s. These cars earned themselves a place as legendary vehicles for their work, and owning one is a lifelong dream for many sports car fans. Many people think that the GT40 production ceased with the Mk IV version in 1967, of which just six were produce.

But according to Hemmings Auto Blog, back in 1980/81 Ford briefly began production of the Mk V GT40’s in merry old England. Just a few of these cars were built, and the one up for sale is unique amongst these rare automobiles.

Apparently John WIllment had retained rights to the GT40 after the 1969 racing season, having worked with John Wyer and forming the collaborative J.W. A. for their racing ventures. In 1980 he began a limited production run of Mk V cars with partners Safir Engineering Ltd. The “new” Mk V GT40’s used many of the available NOS parts from Ford’s parts bin, but there was plenty of modern tech applied too. These new cars used advancements like a bonded-aluminum chassis, carbon fiber and aluminum body panels, and more. This particular Mk V GT40 is an open-roof roadster model, and boasts a 425 horsepower Ford 302 V8 under the hood.

Weighing in at just under 1,900 pounds, it was also quite the welterweight, allowing drivers to throw this modern classic around corners with little restraint. And who wouldn’t want to own an open-roof GT40? For $390,000, we might have to rob a few banks…but at least we would have one sweet getaway vehicle (with no room for our stolen loot.)