Here at DRAGZINE, we try to remain as subjective as possible in the cars we highlight and feature, giving credit where credit is due in a collective enjoyment of the sport and not based on any specific make or model preference, With that disclaimer made, there’s just something about a well-done, Fox body Mustang sitting on a small pair of slicks or radials that gets our blood pumping, and Ricky Fox’s new ride is just that and then some.

Fox, the 2011 Outlaw Drag Radial champion at the Maryland International Raceway and the winner of the No Boost class at Radial Revolution: no Mercy, also holds the Outlaw Radial record for a nitrous-equipped car with an incredible 4.44 at 169 MPH with his former black, flamed Mustang.

In 2012, Fox will transition from Outlaw Drag Radial to the wildly popular X275 eliminator with this new Fox body that will receive its motivation from a 463 cubic inch Small Block built by renowned nitrous guru Gene Fulton and operating on three kits of the sauce. With a stunning stance and a sharp cowl-to-scoop hood, this is one the finest looking Mustang’s in all of heads-up drag racing.

This fall, Jason Black drove this very car to the Outlaw Radial crown at the Radial Revolution in South Georgia, marching to a best of 4.47 in the final round to down Kenny Markwich. Built upon a double frame rail chassis, Fox opted to sell his record-setting ride to acquire this slick new piece for 2012.