Amazingly, a brand-new racing season is upon us already. It seems like just yesterday that we were reporting on the end of the 2012 season, but Christmas, New years, and even April Fool’s Day has already come and gone, so it’s time to give a quick recap of what’s transpired so far. ProCharger racers jumped right back into the thick of things, picking up where they left off at the end of 2012. Doug Sikora started the season off at the PSCA Record Breaker Nationals by doing two things - resetting the record for the quickest centrifugal-supercharged 1/8-mile pass in history with an astounding 4.19 at 177 MPH - on a 10.5-inch wide tire, and then going on to win the class for the weekend over Dan Withers’ twin-turbo BBC machine.

IMG_28411-e1361898220909At what’s quickly turned into the season-opening salvo in the East Coast small-tire wars, Donald Long’s Duck X Productions Lights Out event took place at South Georgia Motorsports Park at the end of February. There, Phil Hines turned in an incredible 4.40 in testing using a ProCharger F-3A-121mm supercharger, before qualifying No. 1 in the Outlaw 275 class with a 4.64 at 168 MPH.

Sean Ashe also excelled at the event, eliminating Hines in the semifinal round by turning in his own stellar 4.45 at 163 MPH. Unfortunately the final round was called as the event ran up on the curfew, but here’s a great video of Ashe and Hines in the semifinal round. Brent Foster qualified No. 3 in the Outlaw 275 class with his ’62 Fairlane, while Bryan Marrow and Lyle qualified first in Leaf Spring and Lyle Barnett qualified third, giving ProCharger racers a great showing for the weekend.

And in the hunt for real street-car supremacy, Joe “Coffeeman” DeCaria swapped from a ProCharger F-1A to a ProCharger F-1C supercharger, and the increase in performance was immediate and noticeable. As DeCaria is looking to take this insane 2011 Mustang GT into the 8.80’s. the switch to the F-1C enabled him to up the boost pressure to 22 PSI, which will be necessary to achieve those killer ET’s. This car still relies on the factory six-speed automatic transmission and crosses the scales at a whopping 3,880 pounds. Not only that, but Coffeeman drives the car nearly every day. How does a 9.01 at 151 MPH sound? Check out the video below, and you’ll see.