Another day, another Mustang wreck that could have been prevented and probably fairly easily by not doing dumb things. Sometimes the urge is too strong among people and people get way ahead of themselves, especially with too much power under a lead foot. The testosterone levels were definitely soaring on this particular day and I’m sure the levels have since dropped. A rock chip in the paint is enough to bring a grown man to his knees, let alone a brand new California Special wrapped around a tree.

Any average person would cringe at the sight of this and any general Mustang person would likely start tearing up. According to the original poster that started this thread on TheMustangSource, this guy was showing off for his buddies, hit about 80 mph going around a curve without traction control and slammed up against a tree. The tree definitely held its own to have taken such a hit, that’s for sure. The kicker is that he has only owned the car about 8 hours. Supposedly the guy was okay despite a couple cuts and bruises. Good thing that there wasn’t a passenger riding along or that person may have been toast.

Pictures: The Mustang Source

Some people should take driving lessons are at least get a feel for the car at the track before thinking they can defy common sense and take curves going 80 in a brand new V8 Mustang. Everyone makes mistakes but I have a feeling this one may stick with him for awhile.