Images courtesy of Gateway Classic Cars.

Images courtesy of Gateway Classic Cars.

They say the classics never go out of style, and we think that statement holds true when it comes to early Fords and Mustangs alike. Take for example, this very special Shelby Mustang that’s available on eBay as of this column. It’s a 1967 coupe model, but it was never destined to travel the public roads of the United States as a production car.

Instead, this Mustang served as the very first Shelby-built FIA Group II, SCCA Trans Am Series Competition Coupe. Like many of the Shelby models before it, and the ones that followed soon after, this Mustang was produced at the LAX Shelby California facility. It was originally ordered by George Kirksey, who had a lengthy history with Carroll and the company.

The car was built to compete in the 1967 SCCA Trans-Am/A-Sedan Championship as a sort of development car to the later 25 iterations built. From that point on, this Mustang endured a rich and vibrant professional and amateur racing history; including competing in events such as the Daytona 24 Hour, the Sebring 12 Hour and the Continental Divide Trans-Am.

As we’re sure you already know from the title of this article, this recherché Shelby is available for more than half a million dollars, courtesy of eBay. Some of us here are scratching our heads – not to say the asking price isn’t justified – but because we’ve seen original 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustangs sell at auction for that kind of dollar figure. And with that, we leave you with this question – do you think it’s worth $550,000? Checkout the ad here.