There are so many rumors, speculations, and wishlists for the 2015 Ford Mustang that it is impossible to keep track. And we hope many of these rumors, like those of a small-displacement turbocharged Mustang and an independent rear suspension are true, because the Mustang needs some help. Sales are down despite a new look and new engines, and with Mazda pulling out of the AutoAlliance plant in Flatrock, Michigan, the future of the plant that builds the Mustang was in question.

Well speculate no more; The Mustang News reports that according to the new UAW contract being voted on by the rank and file, plans call for the continued production of the Mustang at the Flatrock plant…alongside a next-generation Ford Fusion.

Since 2004, the Ford Mustang has been built alongside the Mazda 6 sedan at the AutoAlliance plant, which shares some components with the current Ford Fusion. But Mazda and Ford have slowly been parting ways after a partnership that spanned more than three decades. That includes Mazda pulling out of the AutoAlliance plant.

But UAW contract details, which previously revealed that the next Shelby GT500 would be getting a 600 horsepower supercharged 5.8 liter V8, have also spelled out that future production of the Mustang will be at the Flat Rock plant. The Mustang does not have enough volume alone to justify keep the plant and its 1,700 workers employed though. So Ford will be moving Fusion sedan production from Mexico to Flat Rock as well, strengthening Ford’s presence here in America once again. Good news all around (well, unless you work at the Mexican plant.) We’re just happy the Mustang will continue to be Made In America.