SCT’s iTSX is the latest technology from one of the leading late model tuning specialists. It is a small, wireless device that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port, which allows you to tune and datalog directly to an Apple (and soon Droid) device. The team at SCT has been working around the clock to bring the latest and greatest firmware updates to the iTSX to further enhance its functionality.

Part of the newest update is the ability to datalog the selected sensors to the device, but that isn’t the option that has us the most excited. SCT just added options to view your oxygen sensors in both lamda and air/fuel ratio form. For you 2011+ Mustang owners that have factory-equipped wideband O2 sensors (they all do), being able to view both bank’s air/fuel ratios in real time is only a few clicks away.

SCT's iTSX allows you to monitor both of the Mustang's wideband oxygen sensors with a variety of different screen layouts.

For those of you that are use to the SF3, X3, or TSX, the functionality of the iTSX’s tuning process is largely unchanged over their traditional line, though ease-of-use is improved with it’s color on screen prompts. The application will detect the vehicle it’s tuning and display the default settings on the tune, allowing the user to easily customize the tune with a myriad of adjustments.

With the ability to store up to 10 custom tunes (three times the normal amount) the iTSX will load tunes through email or USB connection. This eliminates the need to open up an additional Windows-based SCT updater to load the tunes. Additionally, tuners can protect users with custom tunes by disabling the preloaded tune function so an incorrect tune can never be loaded.

However, you will need to update both the iTSX application plus the iTSX device, which is very easy. Once the application is updated you can update the device through the info tab.

For those of you that already have an iTSX or have one on the mail, you will need to update the device to version 1.4. Once connected to your vehicle, you will need to update the firmware on the iTSX device itself, which is done wirelessly in a matter of minutes. After that, enjoy your newest tuning tool and the money you didn’t have to spend to monitor your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio!