Are you looking for a durable rear-end housing, but don’t want to add unwanted weight to your car? Look no further than Racecraft Inc.’s Pro Lite 4130 Chromoly Rear End Housing. This housing is 20 pounds lighter and has fewer components than a standard housing, but retains brute strength, making it all around better for all your tough housing needs.

Official Release:

Racecraft Inc. Pro Lite 4130 Chromoly Rear End Housing

Racecraft Inc. Pro Lite 4130 Chromoly Rear End Housing has an extreme compact design that eliminates unnecessary material found in a standard box style fabricated housing.  Smaller panels and surfaces allow for the use of thinner materials.

This housing is 100% 4130 chromoly construction and 100% tig welded inside and out.

Housing offers 20 lbs weight savings over a standard fabricated housing, but retains the brute strength Racecraft Inc. Housings are known for.

40 ounce lube capacity

38 lbs Bare Housing Weight

** Housing designed for Strange Ultra Case. Does not work with Dewco – Mark Williams Carriers. **

Standard Housing includes

  • Faceplate O-Ring
  • Back Brace
  • ARP Studs
  • Filler
  • Vent
  • Drain