If you want to eliminate side load on your crank and supercharger bearings for your Chevy small-block, big-block or LS engine, or your Ford small-block or Mod-Motor, look no further than Chassisworks’ supercharger gear drives. Available for a variety of superchargers, Chassisworks’ gear drives eliminate load problems found with belt-driven systems. You can even opt for two superchargers for unreal amounts of power that’s mounted in one solid package.

Official Release:

Chassisworks’ CDS Supercharger Gear Drives

Component Drive Systems (CDS) is an exciting new line of products from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks focused on offering the highest-quality, direct bolt-on, gear- and belt-driven accessory systems for popular racing and street-performance engines. The initial CDS product group is a selection of billet-aluminum gear drives designed for single- or dual-configurations of ProCharger, Vortech, and Paxton superchargers on Chevy small-block, big-block, or LS-series engines, and Ford small-block and modular motors. Properly designed gear drives increase reliability in high-horsepower applications by eliminating side loads on the crank and supercharger bearings, unavoidable with belt-driven systems, and allow back peddling the motor without risk of throwing a belt. Gear sets can be configured to overdrive or under-drive the supercharger/s, enabling maximum output at lower engine RPM or reducing output for more streetable power levels. All drive units include integral timing pointer, crank trigger mount, oil level sight glass, and gear-case vent.

For complete details visit www.cachassisworks.com or call direct to 800-722-2269.


  • Models available for most Vortech, Paxton, and ProCharger superchargers
  • Other engine applications available
  • Multiple gear ratios
  • Timing pointer, built-in
  • Crank trigger pick-up mount, built-in


  • Chevy: Small-Block, Big-Block, LS-Series
  • Ford: Small-Block