Are you looking for a way to make the oiling system of your Ford 4.6L or 5.4L engine work more efficiently and give you more power? Then look no further than the new Louvered Windage Tray from MOROSO Performance Products. With the louvered design, this windage tray helps prevent oil splash-back and reduces windage in your oiling system, allowing you to harness more of your engine’s power.

Official Release:


PART NO. 22933

Fits: Ford 4.6/5.4

  • Fits both stock* and aftermarket oil pans
  • Louvered design allows oil thrown from the rotating assembly to drain into the sump without splashing back, reducing the windage and increasing power
  • Features dual cylinder bank drain back for superior oil control and horsepower gain
  • Goes between the engine block and oil pan
  • Constructed out of 14 gauge steel with a clear zinc finish
  • Includes oil pan studs and nuts


22933 Ford 4.6/5.4 Louvered Windage Tray

*On some Mustang Cobra applications, diverters in factory oil pan and oil pump pickup need to be trimmed