Lunati has recently ramped up their production schedule for their BareBones cam and lifter kits, specially for small and big-block Chevrolet and Ford engines. The flat tappet kit covers many different years and engine styles at an affordable price starting at under $110. The cams have asymmetrical lobes which provide quiet performance as well as less strain on the valve train according to Lunati.

Official Release:


Olive Branch, MS: Though several Lunati BareBones cam and lifter kits have been in existence for the past two years, now these economical hard parts encompass a comprehensive schedule for small- and big-block Chevrolet and Ford enthusiasts.

Owners of street rods and muscle cars, mild race engines, street performance cars, 4×4 off-road, and marine applications will find that these new-era developments create camshafts that are spot-on accurate, endowed with a very attractive price, and now cover the complete range of popular applications.

The Lunati BareBones flat tappet cam and lifter sets accommodate four versions of Chevrolet small-block engines (l955-98 and 1987-up LT1 and LT4) and two versions of Chevrolet big-blocks (1965-96). For small-block Fords there are six versions (302 and 351 firing order) and three versions for big-block Fords. BareBones flat tappet cam and lifter kits begin at a mere $106.39. Eight versions of the BareBones roller camshafts and corresponding lifter sets for these same engines begin at $599.99.

BareBones cams are ground with asymmetrical lobes which means that the dynamics of the opening and closing ramp profiles are different. One side of the ramp is usually straight to the nose of the lobe while the opposite (closing) ramp profile has a pronounced dip or wave in the middle, thus producing quieter operation and being gentler on the valve train. These cams improve throttle response, acceleration, and maintain excellent engine vacuum on the street. Further, matched cam lobes and lifters maximize torque, horsepower, and durability.

  • Revs from 1,000 to 5,800rpm
  • Intake durations from 204 to 224 degrees (at 0.050 inch)
  • Exhaust durations from 214 to 234 degrees
  • Gross intake valve lifts of 0.420 to 0.534-inch
  • Gross exhaust valve lifts from 0.443 to 0.569-inch
  • 112 degree lobe separation and an intake centerline of 107 degrees
  • 108 degree centerline and a lobe separation angle of 112 degrees.