In early 2009, with our country in the midst of one the worst recessions in its history, Crane Cams, a staple in the high performance industry for some 56 years, was in the tight grips of the weakened economy, leaving it future in question. Fast forward nearly two years and Crane Cams is back in a big way, on hand here at IMIS with a completely refreshed lineup of products, a brand new catalog, and a bright new outlook toward the future.

Among the fresh new look to all of the classic Crane Cams products are more than 350 new cam grinds for all of the GM, Ford, and Chrysler applications – including new roller camshafts for the popular LS-series of engines. As well, their line of rockers have been redesigned, along with valve springs, retainers, valve locks, pushrods, and their hydraulic roller lifters with upgraded roller axle assemblies and a new pin and flange assembly. The product line has also been expanded to cover several new engines in the marketplace.

  • Fresh redesign of classic product line, including rockers and hydraulic roller lifters
  • Several new cam grinds
  • Expanded coverage for more engines on the market