Heidts Muscle continues their tradition of raising the bar when it comes to Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. New for those of you looking to increase the performance and durability of your street machine, comes Heidts new steel center section for their High Horsepower Pro-G IRS (Independent Rear Suspension). Less weight and greater strength? We all can agree that is a good idea!

Official Release:

Heidts Muscle, a division of Heidts Automotive, the industry leader in Independent Rear Suspension Systems for Hot Rods and Muscle Cars is again raising the bar in IRS performance with the release of its NEW fabricated Steel Center Section. The new Heidts Steel Center Section is an upgrade to the new High Horsepower PRO-G IRS.  The Heidts Steel Center Section is constructed of heavy-duty 7 gauge steel with interior reinforcements for added strength and durability. The Heidts Steel Center Section is a whopping 10 pounds lighter than the current aluminum housing greatly improved performance. The Heidts Steel Center Section increases oil capacity, improves cooling plus increases the life of the gears. The Center Section was designed with a significantly larger interior area for use with a larger gear range and greater options for gear ratio options.

“The new Steel IRS Center Section is a significant upgrade to our high-horsepower IRS in terms of weight, strength, and performance plus it allows us the flexibility of using it for custom applications,” according to Vaughn West, Heidts Senior Engineer responsible for the Steel Center Section design.

  • Constructed with heavy duty 7 ga (3/16” thick) steel with
  • Interior reinforcements for added strength and durability
  • 10 lbs lighter than current aluminum housing
  • Uses Large Bearings for the Stub Axles just like aluminum housing
  • Increase of oil capacity: improves cooling, increases life of gears
  • Increase of interior area: larger gear range, greater options in gear ratio choice