Air Flow Research is not just their name, it’s what they do. AFR has long been an innovator in custom cylinder head port and combustion chamber design for all-out airflow and improved performance. What used to be reserved for racing, fully CNC machined cylinder heads have now become a luxury that all Mustang enthusiasts can enjoy, and AFR’s new Renegade Series S/B Ford heads just may be the best value on the market.

Official Release:

AFR’s NEW Renegade Ford line is our ground up re engineered and re designed update of our entire Ford line up. We’ve taken our very formidable and proven 20° in line heads and seriously increased their performance. These new Renegade heads are far more efficient and flow drastically more than our previous best to give you more torque and horsepower. Our new 185cc flows 297 CFM @ .600 lift and averages an impressive 17 CFM more than our previous 185cc design from .200 to .600 lifts. They come standard with 2.020 -1.600 lightweight 8mm bead lock valves, Pacaloy hydraulic roller springs, adjustable guideplates, Manley 7° retainer and locks. Our new 195cc flows 317 CFM @ .650 lift and come standard with 2.050 -1.600 lightweight 8mm bead lock valves and the same high quality components above as our 185cc (upgrades available). All our new bolt-on inline Renegade designs increase low lift flow while outperforming the competitions mid and peak flow numbers. Visit our web site or call 877 235 4466.


  • Fully CNC machined intake and exhaust runners
  • 20-degree intake valve angle
  • Fully CNC machined combustion chambers*
  • 185cc features 2.02″/1.60″ valves and stated flow is 297cfm @ .600″ lift
  • 195cc features 2.05″/1.60″ valves and stated flow is 317cfm @ .650″ lift
  • 8mm stem valves are standard
  • Customized options available