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Kenne Bell’s BIGUN Blower For V8-Powered S197 Mustangs

Kenne Bell now offers this new 4.7-liter Roots-type supercharger for V8-powered S197 Mustangs. From Shelbys to Coyotes, you'll be packing a lot of heat under the hood to take out the competition. Read More


Hedman’s 50-State Legal Shorty Headers for 2011-14 5.0L Mustangs

If you think CARB will forever keep you from installing better headers on your 5.0 Mustang, you'd better think again. Hedman's shorty headers are 50-state legal, add power, and stay strong for the road ahead. Read More


SCE Gaskets’ New Head Gaskets For Ford FE Motors

Don't give in to that FE motor's antics--SCE Gaskets now makes the proper head gasket for the popular V8, and it's able to handle up to 12.5:1 compression ratios without breaking a sweat. Read More


AEM Debuts Infinity ECU Plug & Play Adapter Harness for Coyotes

AEM's new Plug & Play Adapter Harness gives you the Infinity ECU's control over the Coyote 5.0L V8. Use it to unleash your Mustang to its full potential. Read More


BMR Introduces Lower Control Arms for 2005-14 Mustangs

BMR now offers steel lower control arms for the 2005-14 Mustang, and they're ready to improve the handling of your late model while maintaining ride comfort. Read More


CPR Racing Introduces New Universal Bypass Fuel Regulators

CPR Racing's new universal bypass fuel pressure regulators help your machine create awesome power at all times. Two available AN fittings, adjustable PSI pressure, and an anodized finish make these parts great. Read More

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Classic Dash Introduces Panels for Fox Mustangs

Classic Dash now offers dashboards for your classic Fox Body Mustang. Take advantage of these ABS composite dashes that are UV-resistant, have accommodations for speed/tach setups, and fit directly into place. Read More


Energy Suspension’s Polyurethane Motor/Trans Mounts For SBF Vehicles

The aging rubber motor and transmission mounts on your SBF-equipped classic are about to give up. To fix this, Energy Suspension offers new polyurethane mounts that last and last. Check 'em out! Read More

FR-Battery Relocation Kit_path

Flaming River’s Battery Relocation Kit Evens The Odds In Your Ride

The prospect of moving the battery around your ride can be a little imposing if you're unfamiliar with the process. Here to make it simple is Flaming River and its new battery relocation kit. Read More


Performance Automatic Debuts 5.0L Coyote Flex Plate

Performance Automatic is proud to release this new flexplate for the 5.0L Coyote V8. It boasts compatibility with both the 4R70W and 6R80 transmissions, SFI certification, and multiple welds for added strength. Read More


Heatshield Products’ Header Armor Protects Exhaust From Burning Up

Heatshield Products' new Header Armor keeps your headers cool when the competition heats up. They're easy to fit over most applications and capable of handling temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Read More


Universal Carbon Wing Kit from Quarter-Max/RJ Race Cars

Don't give up on ever having sufficient downforce for your ride--Quarter-Max/RJ Race Cars is here to provide you with its new universal carbon wing kit, which you can cut and alter to your liking to fit any vehicle. Read More


UMI Performance’s Budget Friendly Boxed Lower Control Arms For S197

Inexpensive doesn't have to mean sacrificed quality. These boxed lower control arms for the S197 Mustang from UMI Performance get the job done - for under a Benjamin. Check 'em out! Read More


Maximum Motorsports Tubular Front Control Arms For ’79-04 Mustangs

The engineers at Maximum Motorsports have built drag race specific control arms for the 1979-2004 Mustang platform. They're designed from the outset to get things done on the strip while saving substantial weight. Read More

CGC Fox Body_edited

Cowl Gauge Concepts Releases Fox Body Cowl Gauge Panels

Stay apprised of your drivetrain's stress levels when you use one of Cowl Gauge Concepts' new cowl gauge packs for Fox Body Mustangs. They're made in the USA and come available in 1-, 2-, or 3-gauge varieties. Read More


AFCO Releases Brake Pedal Assembly Duo

AFCO Racing Products means business with its new pair of brake pedal assemblies. With reinforced forged aluminum construction, these pedals are sure to please on race day. Read More

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