The Ford Mustang has no shortage of dedicated tuners all around the world. Each has its own claim to fame and legion of dedicated fans. Shelby is obviously the granddaddy of them all, but a number of other smaller tuners have all made a name for themselves, including Steeda.

Steeda’s blog has just announced their 2012 Ford Mustang packages, including a supercharged 5.0 and V6 performance package.

Details on the new vehicle program are unfortunately scarce for the moment, so we don’t know things like the specifics of the suspension or interior upgrades. What they do list is four distinct packages, starting with the supercharged Q650, which ought to make around 650 horsepower from the blown 5.0 engine. There will also be the Q450, which will be a naturally aspirated 5.0 V8 engine with a host of supporting mods to be sure. A custom hood will probably be a part of the packages as well.

The Q350 will be the V6 version, and from the sounds of it should offer in the area of 350 horsepower from Ford’s new V6 engine. We wonder how that particular model will compare to Ford’s own Mayhem package for the V6. Finally there will be the Raceskinz Mustang package, which will offer 524 rwhp from a ProCharged 5.0. Steeda will be upgrading the whole suspension, including the control arms, strut mounts, sway bars, springs, and more. A likely hint for what we can expect on the other “Q” packages. Now all we need is a test drive…