Sam Haymart and the 1995 GT Mustang Pace Car that will lead the Mustang drive into Charlotte, NC. This a tribute car to his first drive with Mustangs Across America in 1995.

Time to lay out the Red Carpet, as Hollywood comes knocking on the Mustang stable. Sam Haymart of Mustangs Across America teamed up with, “Mustangs Across America - The Documentary”, to film the seven day Mustang Drive from coast to coast in celebration of 50 years of the Mustang. Haymart along with at least 450 other Stangs at last count have invited veteran filmmakers Rodney Rastall and Ed Griffith on this historic drive to document the journey. This will be Haymart’s sixth Mustang drive. In tribute to Haymart’s first drive in 1995, Haymart has chosen a 1995 GT as the Pace car that he will use to lead the 450 plus ponies across the nation and into Charlotte, NC on April 16th.

{ad:BLOCK}The Drive will begin in Corona, CA at the Saleen factory and will travel along the Southern United States to attend the Mustangs Club of America, Mustang 50th Celebration in Charlotte, NC. Mustang enthusiasts from 14 countries and over half of the states will be part of the drive. Some going the entire distance and some meeting up and joining the drive for a day or two. Ponies from all four corners of the globe will be taking part in the festivities. All sharing a common bond and love for the Mustang. Crossing all barriers worldwide and bringing this family together as one to celebrate 50 years of the pony.

The Filmmakers, Left:Rodney Rastall Right: Ed Griffith

Randy Rastall and Ed Griffith interviewing and filming Donna Rye for the Mustang Documentary. One of many pony stories to look forward to upon completion of the film.

Rastall and Griffith plan to capture and tell the story of the Mustang and those who love this American icon. Rastall and Griffth, both experienced film makers, will be telling the story of the journey and sharing the stories from those who have traveled across the world to be part of the celebration to those who live here in our backyard. Each is a unique story of how they came to love this icon we know as the Mustang. Rastall became fascinated with the enchantment of the Mustang through his close friend, Tom Sachse. With his new found fascination with the Mustang and film making experience decided he wanted to take the story of the Mustang and the Mustang owners to the screen. Rastall enlisted his long time friend in the film making industry, Ed Griffith to come on board to bring this project to life. Thus the, “Mustangs Across America- The Documentary”, project was born. Both Rastall and Griffith have begun interviewing those who will participate in the drive and will continue to document the entire celebration all the way to when they gallop into Charlotte,NC and through the celebration to finish off the party with a bang.

Hollywood meets the Mustang. Look to see this historic documentary on Video on Demand. Rastall and Griffth capturing Mustang memories to share with the next pony generation. To follow the historic journey you can visit Mustangs Across America and check out the site for the Mustangs Across America documentary.