For nearly two decades, the Ford Mustang had been saddled with an anemic, underwhelming 4.0 liter six-cylinder engine that took the muscle out of an American muscle car. That all changed when Ford dropped in a new 3.7 liter high-tech V6 engine that made 305 horsepower, nearly as much power as the previous 4.6 liter V8. It has given the V6 Mustang a new lease on life, and Ford is taking it to the next step with a special V6 Performance Package.

As we reported some time ago, Ford held a contest on Facebook to determine the proper name for this performance package. They finally settled on “Mayhem,” and have awarded the winner a three-year lease on a Ford Mustang Mayhem package.

The winner, from Charlotte, North Carolina, was one of over 3,000 people who submitted names for this contest. Ultimately, Mayhem was selected, and we have to see we like the name. So what exactly does the Mayhem Mustang Package entail? Glad you asked.

Forgoing any actual horsepower improvements for some serious suspension improvements, the Mayhem package adds a 3:31 ratio rearend, stabilizer bars (front and back) from a Mustang GT, as well as front struts and rear shocks/springs, brakes calipers and brake pads from the V8 bad boy. There’s even some Shelby in here, as the rear lower control arms come from a GT500, though the 19-inch wheels are unique to the package. Throw on some unique badging, a strut tower brace, and you’ve got the Mayhem Mustang. We’d have liked to see just a little more horsepower from a better exhaust or intake system, but we’re not going to complain (so long as it handles as well as we imagine it will ‘round the track.)