There are many cornerstones and staples of American life, one of those being the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. SI gathers beautiful women from all around the planet to pose on gorgeous sandy beaches wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits. Even if you’re not a sports fan, the Swimsuit Edition is a great magazine to pick up…for the articles detailing the models, of course.

Hoping to tap into this cultural phenomenon, AdAge reports that Ford snuck an advertisement into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition featuring the beautiful model Delana Henriques.

Advertising is all about getting eyeballs, and there will be a lot of eyeballs grazing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. For Ford to sneak the Mustang ad in there, and part of Ms. Henriques as well, is a good way to get people talking (case in point, us.) The advertisement was the brainchild of Team Detroit, though it does not stop there.

For those hoping to see more of Ms. Henriques, one need just check out her personal website, which just happens to be full of more Ford vehicles. Yet for whatever reason, her face is never in the photo with the Mustang. Perhaps Ford did not one to compete with such a visage of beauty? Or maybe it’s just artistic license. But there are plenty of photos with Mustang and model to choose from, and a quick Google search reveals no facial deformities.

We did this Mustang advert for its creativity, but what say you Ford fans?