If you’re reading this news story, chances are good that you really love Ford Mustangs. Alas, most of us are unable to afford the pinnacle of Mustang performance, the Shelby GT500. Short of owning a profitable business or hitting the lottery, the average Mustang enthusiast only sees Shelby GT500’s at car shows or on the auction block.

There is another way to get not just one, but two GT500’s though. It’s the Mustang Dream Giveaway, a semi-annual raffle where one lucky winner will take home two matching Shelby’s a 1967 GT500 and a 2012 GT500, all for the cost of a $3 raffle ticket.

The matching Shelby’s wear black paint with red stripes, though aside from the name that is where the similarities end. Despite the 2012 GT500 being faster, more comfortable, and technologically advanced, the ‘67 Shelby no doubt has a much higher price tag. The 428 cubic-inch V8 Shelby has been in the Lingenfelter Collection for the past four years.

How many contests giveaway not just one Shelby, but two?!

Now it will be auctioned off alongside a 2012 version that has received a Ford Racing supercharger upgrade. The result is 750 horsepower. What the 2012 model lacks in auction value, it makes up for in raw power. And as an added bonus, the one-two Shelby prize pack comes with $50,000 cash to pay off any taxes on your prize.

Towards what end does this money go? Two truly noble causes, the Paralyzed Veterans Outdoor Fund and the Henry Ford Health Systems Mens Initiatives. For $3 a ticket (less if you buy in bulk) why not head over to their webpage and give this raffle a shot? Somebody has to win…why not you?