We can all agree that gases prices are too high today. Last winter I would fill my Mustang up for $35 and today a fill of premium will cost me in the area of $50. Gas prices are high enough to scare some people away from muscle cars like the Mustang when they are shopping for a new car. Every time gas prices soar, many people start shedding cars that aren’t as fuel efficient and going to smaller cars and hybrids. The new 5.0 is a reasonably thrifty car when it comes to fuel consumption despite the power the engine puts out.

That said I have yet to get close to the fuel economy that Ford promises for my Boss 302. Mostly that is because the roar of that V8 at high-RPM is just too enticing. Even with gas prices so high, the Mustang, Camaro, and Dodge Challenger as a muscle car group are outselling the fuel-efficient hybrid cars by a decent margin. USA Today reports that Americans purchased 19,476 of the three muscle cars combined in May.

The hybrids such as the Toyota Prius were close behind with 17,852 hybrid vehicles sold in the country last month. USA Today points to the fact that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan resulted in less Prius hybrids and other hybrid vehicles being imported due to shortages and plant closures in Japan. At the same time, USA Today gives credit where it is due and notes that muscle cars are becoming more efficient with the V6 Mustang getting 30 MPG on the highway, assuming you can keep your foot out of it.