At Penske Racing Shock’s booth during the 2010 SEMA Tradeshow, we went right to the Technical Director, Jim Arentz, for information on Penske’s new Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro suspension packages.

Arentz showed us the display car in the Penske booth, which happened to be one of Rick Hendrick’s personal vehicles.  The road racing Camaro was outfitted with Penske Racing Suspension, which says a lot about the quality of the product when the owner of the Hendrick Racing team adopts your components as part of their racing team technology.

According to Arentz; “Penske Racing Shocks have taken technology from F1, Indy Car and NASCAR, and are offering it in our strut and shock package for Mustangs and Camaros.”

Arentz also pointed out some of the key features of their higher end shocks and struts like:

  • The 7500 series double adjustable rear shocks have 44 clicks of adjustment on rebound and 40 clicks of adjustment on Compression.
  • The 7565 Series front strut has F1 inspired dual bleed shaft technology with independent compression and rebound bleed adjustments.
  • Packages fit all late model Mustangs and 2010 and newer Camaros.

For the Mustang and Camaro standard packages, the shocks and struts are two way adjustable (1 compression and 1 rebound) and are a direct fit replacement with necessary mounting tabs already installed on the struts.

Penske Struts are a direct replacement with all mounting tabs included and in the correct placement to aid in installation.

The biggest feature and one that Arentz highlighted was; “all of our racing shocks are hand built.  The highest attention is paid to every detail.  Our customers can count on consistency and performance.”

Hendrick was the first to drive the 2010 Camaro off the assembly line, so it was fitting that one of Hendrick’s cars show up in a SEMA booth featuring new Camaro Suspension components.  We hope to see a 2011 Mustang in the booth next year.

For more information on Penske Racing Shocks, visit them at and check out their PS-Mustang Suspension Package or their PS-Camaro Suspension Package.