The way companies market new cars has changed dramatically from the golden age of full-page, high-res color advertisements in enthusiast magazines. These days there is an increasing focus on “social media,” largely internet-based applications like Facebook and Twitter. Ford has spent a lot of resources marketing to those who are “plugged in,” but they know that there are still a lot of page turners out there who need to be kept “in the loop.”

Mustang Heaven came across this print ad for the 2012 Mustang, and to us it seems like a real throwback to the advertisements of old. A glossy picture, catchy phrase, and some scribbles are all you used to need to sell a car…but not anymore.

Oddly enough, the print add, which carries the phrase “If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It” points customers towards…a website that is currently down, in that you can’t customize anything. Rather, the site promises a “brand-new customizer with more parts, more features, and more ways to than ever to make it yours.” Fair enough, we suppose we have to wait. But we do like this advertisement for other reasons.

The Mustang community, despite being centered on one car, is incredibly diverse. And with Ford offering more and more customization options from the dealership and factory, now more than ever, you can build a Mustang that fits your tastes. We’ll be keeping an eye out for that new customizer too…whenever it shows up. Probably this November with the launch of a refreshed 2013 Mustang.