It’s not every day the opportunity presents itself to purchase a turn-key, multi-time world championship race car — especially a car that comes equipped with such a handsome résumé of accomplishments. Such is the case however as Ford Mustang racing icon Mike Murillo offers up his 1992 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang in a recently appearing listing on the popular Racing Junk classifieds.

The twin-turbo’ed 548 cubic inch Big Block Ford Fox Body boasts an extremely impressive compilation of achievements, including four NMRA and NMCA world championships. The powerhouse landed in the winner’s circle nine out of twelve times and qualified in the number one spot an impressive eleven times in 2011. That just merely scratches the surface, as the list goes on and on. More recently, Murillo piloted the SCT Performance Mustang to a victory in Outlaw 10.5 at the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, adding another title to the long list of triumphs for the ‘92 Fox Body.

Parting ways with such a prosperous car is not without apprehension and extreme emotions, explains Murillo. “It’ss scary to sell something as successful as our car and get into something where we may possibly get our rears handed to us for a few years.”

With no plans to hang up racing, what’s next for the 13-time NMRA champ? Murillo says the reason for the decision to sell is simply a change of direction. “I want to move to the next level for our racing career, which is NHRA Pro Modified. I want to grow in the sport and continue to push my boundaries.”

As such a mainstay as Mike and Lisa Murillo and crew are to the spotlight of the winner’s circle, there’s no doubt the victories will follow as he makes plans to undertake the next endeavor.