Earlier this calendar year, famed turbocharged doorslammer wiz Mike Moran placed his now legendary Monte Carlo up for sale, announcing a new direction with his racing exploits involving the design of a new Mustang body for use in ADRL competition. Since that time, little news has come out of the Moran camp. That is, until now.


Over the weekend, the team unveiled some images and details of their much-anticipated new Ford Mustang body as well as possible renderings of Mike’s new mount. Moran commissioned noted race car composite designer and fabricator Jo Van Overbeek to take the current Pro Stock Mustang body and redesign it for 250-plus mile per hour Pro Modified competition.Through a partnership with Ford Racing, the sleek new body would then be made available to any and all racers.

While the pair were happy with the current Pro stock body, Moran and Overbeek knew they could improve upon it. Thus, the body that you see here that features a significantly reduced frontal area with a lower grille, shrunken wheel wells, a lowered roof line, enlarged quarter panels and rear glass to accommodate a massive 36″ tire, and a reshaped rear bumper area for improved air diffusion.

No word yet on when we can expect to see Moran and company back on the race track, but Larry Larson at Larson Race Cars is expected to be the builder, and with months of body design now a reality, things seem to be moving right along for the first turbo racer in the fives.