In recent years there has been a surge of interest in Pro-Touring vehicles, which essentially involves modernizing a classic body style with all sorts of current technology. In most cases this refers to fuel injected engines and five or six-speed transmissions, in addition to GPS devices, subwoofers, and all sorts of other gadgets not found “back in the day.”

So then, does that make this Mustang the ultimate Pro-Touring car? We think so. The product of Microsoft and West Coast Customs, The Adventures of Lucky Duck reports that “Project Detroit” is a cornucopia of technological marvels.

First, let’s just get out of the way the fact that this is one mean-looking Mustang. It is all blacked out, with an aggressive hood, sleek wheels, and, well, it’s just beautiful man. There is no mention of what sort of engine is under the hood, though we’ve got to assume it is something both powerful, yet efficient. Perhaps a new Coyote 5.0? We’ll go with that.

But the real draw of this car is all the technology crammed into it. For example, the Mustang can automatically check you in on Twitter and Facebook. The whole windshield can display a Heads-Up Display like jet fighters use. Microsoft even worked its Kinect motion-detecting game hardware to keep an eye on people near the car. The estimated cost is north of $200,000. We’d pay it if we had it. Would you?