Brake dust, rust and dirt have one thing in common. If left on calipers and wheels, they can be a giant eyesore. That’s why the crew over at MGP make a wide variety of caliper covers. But these covers aren’t just limited to your basic colors anymore. No, MGP actually just introduced a new line of carbon fiber calipers to improve the look of your ride.

A few years back, painting your calipers was all the craze. While using a high-temp paint can spruce up the look of your brakes for awhile, it doesn’t last long. The results are peeling and worn calipers that look even worse than their dirty, rusted counterparts. Definitely not something you want seen under your shiny rims. That’s why many people turned to caliper covers from MGP. Not only do they disguise your ugly calipers, they also come in a variety of colors to make your car even more unique.

With the new carbon fiber design, you now have even more options when it comes to MGP caliper covers. Made from the same aerospace aluminum material, the new design features a carbon fiber finish with your choice of automotive brand logo stamped in the middle. This new design will definitely give your brakes a crisp clean look without being too flashy.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way disguise your standard calipers (MGP caliper covers install in about 10 minutes), or want to spruce up the look of your car with a unique big brake look, the new carbon fiber MGP caliper covers are definitely worth taking a look at. Not only will they help give your car a show quality appearance, they’ll also cut down on brake dust and dirt, and the consequent cleaning that results. Check them out on the MGP caliper cover website or through licensed dealers.