For those new to working with transmissions and their closely related components – clutches, clutch discs, flywheels, and other parts and pieces involved in this area of the driveline system – learning your way around everything and how to best select them and maintain them can be a bit of a process. Fortunately, the World Wide Web has changed how manufacturers educate their current and potential customers.

McLeod Clutches, a part of the high performance industry for more than 40 years running, has taken to the web with a series of videos on their McLeodTV video portal, outlining a number of different areas of clutch technology and clutch maintenance to customers.

Among the videos currently on the playlist at McLeodTV include a piece on how weight affects the functionality of the clutch, a look at Mag Force Straps, the advantages of using Hitachi-style mini-starters, proper maintenance in terms of oil levels in the transmission, the differences in metallic and organic discs, and the advantages of and the evolution of lightweight aluminum and billet flywheels. There’s some great information here, so be sure and check it out and bookmark McLeodTV for future videos.

If you’d like to learn more about McLeod, considered one of the leading manufactures of clutches for high performance street machines, log on to

Additonal Videos:

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