When it comes time to replace the clutch on your muscle car, McLeod is one of the firms that many enthusiast look to. The line of McLeod RST and RXT twin disc clutches are some of the most popular replacement clutches out there for the performance crowd. These clutches are drivable on a daily basis, are very smooth to use, and aren’t like an on/off switch when driving on the road. They will also hold up to 800 HP, making them appropriate for high power applications.

The clutch has soft pedal pressure and engages smoothly. McLeod says this is the perfect clutch for those with supercharged or bottle fed muscle cars. The RST and RXT clutches use more contact plates to give the clutch more holding power without increasing the pedal pressure. The small diameter dual discs inside the clutch allows for a smaller diameter without high clamping loads that makes the clutch easier on your transmission.

The RST comes in three versions that identify what the clutch is used for. A red ring in the rear means the clutch is for a large flywheel vehicle like a big Chrysler, big block fords and big GM engines. A black ring is for small flywheel vehicles like the small cube engines from the big three. The gold ring is for the LS Camaro, Caddy and Corvettes, and for the new 4.6L and 5.4L, and 5.0L Mustangs.

The discs are marked when you receive them and the bottom disc goes closet to the flywheel. McLeod says that you need to be sure that bottom disc moves freely once you bolt the gold ring on or the clutch won’t disengage. Check out the video to see all the details. The RXT is just like the RST clutch but has different disc material to handle 800-1000hp applications.