Having long been the reference standard for factory information on classic Mustangs, Marti Autoworks has expanded their range of available reports to include 1980 through 1986 Ford vehicles, which includes the Mustang car line.

“We are pleased to offer our new, expanded Marti Reports for owners who desire to know about their Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in detail,” Kevin Marti, Marti Auto Works’ president, commented on the announcement. “Later this summer we plan to offer even more expanded reports for Ford vehicle owners up to 1993 and by the end of the year for newer models,” he added.

While most well known as the supplier of factory build reports – Marti licensed the 1967-1979 records from Ford many years ago – Marti Autoworks also develops and supplies a line of quality restoration parts. Marti has also published two books, Mustang… by the Numbers and Cougar… by the Numbers, each each containing over 12,000 reference statistics on the vehicle’s production.

Individual reports are available based on a vehicle serial number and range in cost from $15 for a standard report, $40 for a Deluxe report, to $200 for the Elite report. The latter provides the complete factory option list and door data plate info and a reproduction of the door data plate. A reproduction of the window sticker and personalized production statistics that show how unique your car is provided, all mounted on a Ford blue matte board and installed in a 16″ x 20″ black frame.

Plans call for further expansion later this year, to include models years through 1993, which would include the entire production span of Fox Mustangs.