Picture: Oregon State Police

As a website dedicated to the Ford Mustang, one might think we would shy away from pictures of wrecked, ruined, and otherwise destroyed Mustangs. But you’d be wrong. While we don’t promote cheer for the destruction of our favorite muscle car, we find it fascinating the many creative ways people will wreck their cars, especially Mustangs.

Sometimes the cause is idiocy; other times it is just bad luck. This story, from OregonLive, involves a little bit of both, as a many driving his Mustang swerved to avoid an animal in the road…and instead found an accident.

The driver, 55-year old Daniel Zook, was banged-up but otherwise alright after the accident, which occurred on Oregon’s Route 110. He was driving westbound when a coyote or dog jumped out in front of his Mustang convertible. Zook swerved to miss the animal, and wound up going against oncoming traffic in the eastbound lane.

Now hindsight is always 20/20, but if your only options are a) hit an animal or b) hit a car, the choice should be obvious. But in that split second Zook made the wrong choice; luckily for him, the other driver also managed to swerve, resulting in a nasty sideswipe that wrecked the Mustang.

Alas, that Mustang has had its last ride, but at least Zook lives to learn from this mistake. Hopefully you learn from his mistake too; don’t swerve into traffic.