Shannon Guderian, owner of Latemodel Restoration Supply, got just as excited about the 2011 Mustang with its new 5.0-liter engine as the rest of us. Seeing the potential for the new car wasn’t a problem and so he decided to outfit a new pony for street and road race use. Grabbing a few parts from his own catalog and with the help of some friends, he’s built up a worthy successor to the limited edition SN95 racer.

While a full shakedown isn’t available yet, the path they took to build up this pony makes a potent road map for anyone taking part in high performance events, such as autocross, open tracking, Time Attack, driving schools and others. Their Brembo Brake package optioned GT includes 14-inch front rotors and 4-piston calipers, 19 x 9.5-inch wheels and high performance tires, aggressive suspension tuning and unique stability control tuning.

Of course, the first place they hit up for mods was their own catalog and chassis upgrades were the order of the day. The install started with a Mustang RTR package, which includes Ford Racing Handling Pack, RTR wheels, and their own signature body kit and interior accents. The factory Brembo brake rotors were replaced with those from Powerslot, while the friction pads were upgraded to Hawk HP Plus pieces on all four corners.

With the all-important stance and stopping issues well handled, it was time to lift the hood and add to the already impressive power output from the 5.0-liter Coyote engine. Starting with a JLT Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake kit and custom tune by Blow-By Racing on an SCT SF3 Handheld Tuner, they were gratified by the results, particularly in terms of throttle response.

A Ford Racing aluminum radiator was added as well as a set of Stainlessworks’ long tube headers and catted mid-pipe. The exhaust system was finished off by a Bassani Axle Back system. While under the car, the LMRS techs also replaced the Mustang’s 2-piece driveshaft with a one piece aluminum unit from Dynotec.

Following some shakedown time, the project continued with new 3.73 rear gears and a road-race friendly Torsen differential. Front brake cooling hardware from Agent 47 was installed for better pad longevity and Steeda’s 13-inch rear brake rotor upgrade package was also installed. This latter move proved to be a good one, as they explain, “This was one of our favorite upgrades being we are partial to the road race and open track scene. If you are looking for a way to improve the braking on your new 5.0L Mustang, you need this Steeda rear upgrade kit, it makes a huge difference!”

Turning their attention to the inside, adding safety equipment was a top priority, so this phase began with a 6-point roll cage from Maximum Motorsports along with a set of 5-point restraints for driver and passenger. The RTR interior package was installed as well, because whatever you do on the track, you can’t look shabby on the street.

Doubtless there will be some additional tweaking and adjusting once the car gets some track time, but this build has put together what looks like a pretty capable package. The Brembo-equipped GT has already been shown to be no slouch for open lapping use on a bang for the bucks basis. We’ll just have to wait a bit and see what Shannon and his crew come back with in the near future.