While Lincoln has never been a brand associated with performance vehicles, they’ve had their fair share of “fun” cars, chief among them the “Mark” series of cars, which ended in 1998 with the Mark VIII ceasing production. These days the only “performance” car in Lincoln’s lineup is the two-ton heavyweight MKS EcoBoost, and if we’re gonna be honest here, it’s not exactly an impressive performer.

Autoblog reports, however, that the Lincoln lineup could get a much-needed shot of adrenaline. Does that mean maybe, finally, a return of the Lincoln Mustang?

Maybe, maybe not. As it is, Lincoln sales are in the tank, and while many buyers are opting for all-wheel drive, Ford has not seen fit to bless the luxury lineup with anymore EcoBoost engine options. Even the MKS EcoBoost has 10 horsepower and torque less than its Blue Oval-badged cousin, the Taurus. What Lincoln needs is a dedicated performance badge, not unlike BMW’s M or Mercedes AMG. Rumor has it Lincoln may be working on such vehicles. So what kind of hot rod Lincolns would we like to see (besides a tarted-up Mustang)?

For one, an EcoBoost MKZ mid-size sedan would be nice. Slap it with all-wheel drive and you’ve got yourself a performer. Or maybe something based on the new Focus? A hot hatchback coupe might work, but then again, maybe an EcoBoost-powered MKT…or even a compact Fiesta based on Ford’s new global platform. Make it light, fast, affordable-yet-luxurious, and Lincoln might start attracting the young blood it desperately needs. What kind of fast Lincoln would you like to see Ford make?