It seems there’s a never ending stream of rumors and speculation regarding the 2015 Mustang. Dare we say that the pony car faithful are even more rabid about what the next generation of their favorite car will look like and be like, than the gold-chain Corvette-set were earlier this year.

That being said each week we see new renderings and new rumors. Here’s what we know for sure. The Mustang is going global, to be sold all over the world. This means the platform must be more versatile than ever. Ford is going after a younger crowd, the S197 cars while awesome, appealed to the baby boomers who’s imagination the car first captured nearly 50 years ago. The S550 Mustang will be smaller and lighter than the S197 it replaces, rumor is as much as 15 inches shorter, slightly narrower, and 400 pounds lighter. The car will feature an IRS suspension, while drag buffs will cringe, only a handful of these cars will likely make the power and enough runs down the strip to really justify not having it. The car will have at least a three if not four engine line up, including an EcoBoost four-cylinder. The GT500 is gone, likely to be replaced by a GT350, Cobra, Mach 1, or all of the above.

Wild Speed over at the Mustang6g Forum has been working diligently on some renderings of what the S550 Mustang might look like. We’ve seen and brought you several of these over the past few months. Since the latest spy shots reveal only so much Wild Speed must use his imagination and artistic talents to fill in the camouflaged blanks.

Based on what we know of the next car, and the spy photos he may be pretty close. We like the scoop on the hood, especially if it’s feeding an intercooler for an EcoBoost engine, or cold air to a Coyote. We also like the blue and silver cars lack of fog lights in the grille. The basic lines are classic Mustang as is evident from the prototypes, and the rest is heavily influenced by the EVOS. Time will tell if Wild Speed is right, and we plan to run through many of the renderings once the real car is revealed to see who got it right and who was way off. Until then enjoy these latest renderings and tell us your thoughts.