Before it's upgrades, Latemodel Restoration's Project High Impact Mustang looked like a fairly normal 2013 GT.

The 2013 Mustang GT500 has made headlines for being the most potent Mustang ever built, but even if it’s $54,000 starting price tag is a bit out of reach, you can still enjoy some of the perks of owning one of these wicked machines thanks to Latemodel Restoration. Recently, the performance Mustang company has been intensely working on their 2013 project GT nicknamed “Project High Impact,” equipping it with a slew of performance products. But it’s the latest modification, equipping the car with Latemodel’s 2013 Mustang GT500 Rear Lower Valance and Axle Back Kit, that truly puts it in a class only occupied by the best.

Project High Impact, named so for the car’s Deep Impact Blue paint scheme, was started just this April and has already acquired many performance and appearance enhancement upgrades like Latemodel’s 2011 GT500 wheel and Nitto tire kit, Ford Racing Progressive Rate Lowering Springs, Ford Racing adjustable shocks and struts, 2013 Boss 302 chin spoiler and front grill, and a 2010-2013 Mustang GT500 OE rear spoiler.

Still maintaining its stock rear appointments, Latemodel decided the Mustang needed another upgrade- this time deciding on the OE 2013 GT500 rear lower valance and axle back exhaust system. Both the 2013 GT500 lower rear valance and the axle back system will fit on the 2013 GT, V6 and even your Boss 302.

Removal of the stock rear bumper and mufflers for these upgrades was simple enough. In order to pop the rear bumper fascia off, the Latemodel crew removed the plastic panel inside the car’s trunk, disconnected the wiring harness and pushed the rubber sealing grommet through the trunk panel. From there, they removed the rear wheels to gain easier access to the rear bumper cover screws inside the wheel well. With the four pushpins under the screws disengaged, the bumper popped right off. Latemodel Restoration then removed the stock mufflers from the car.

Yes there is some cutting involved for the rear valance upgrade but it's pretty straight forward if you follow the guides on the back of the bumper, and oh so worth it once it's finished.

Installing the rear lower valance was a little bit trickier than the bumper removal and required cutting the rear bumper (a nerve-racking feat for many new car owners). But thanks to the cut lines Ford puts right on the back of the bumper for this upgrade, it was much easier than one my think.

Using an air-powered body saw, the Latemodel crew cut away the lower portion of the bumper cover then drilled holes at each end of the tab slots marked on the back of the bumper before cutting away the rest of the tab with the saw. Once the bumper pieces were cut away, the lower valance popped right in. Reusing the stock hangers directly on the stock tailpipes, Latemodel Restoration was then able to install the new axle back system before reinstalling the rear bumper.

Of course, with any new modifications to a car you have to try them out and Latemodel Restoration did just that. Check out the incredible appearance and sound difference it made in the video below. Also, be sure to check out for a full list of components to upgrade your 2013 Mustang and to see what the company has in store for Project High Impact in the future.