One of the first mods that many Mustang owners do for their cars is to put a K&N Drop-in filter into the factory air box. That drop-in filter isn’t all that K&N offers for Mustang fans. K&N has a line of air intake systems, or what most Stangers would call a CAI or cold air intake. The K&N systems need no tune so you can put one on your car without having to worry about messing with the factory engine calibrations.

K&N is talking up its newest air intake system and this one is part number 63-2779 and is designed specifically for the 2010-2012 GT500 Mustang. The air intake system completely replaces the factory air box and K&N promises an impressive gain in horsepower. According to K&N dyno results, the air intake system is good for another 30 HP at the wheels.

K&N’s stock 2011 Shelby GT500 put down 403.18 WHP on a Dynojet and 408.90 ft-lb of torque bone stock. With no changes but the K&N air intake system the GT500 put down 433.67 WHP and 429.85 ft-lb of torque. The filter used on the air intake system is one of the K&N RF-1044 lifetime washable filters. It only needs servicing every 100,000 miles depending on your driving conditions. The entire system is backed by the K&N Million Mile Warranty.