King Engine Bearings is 50! For half a century their business has been providing top quality engine bearings for automotive, truck, performance, marine and nearly every other internal combustion application. And considering that producing and distributing engine bearings is their only business, King’s longevity is truly remarkable.

To help celebrate this milestone anniversary, the company has launched their “Hit the Bull’s Eye” promotion. The Grand Prize is a set of King Engine Bearings (rods & mains) plus four free tickets to a Grave Digger Monster Jam event where the winners will meet the driver of the Grave Digger Monster Truck.

The 1,450 HP Grave Digger runs exclusively on King Engine Bearings.  Fifty sets of King Engine Bearings will be given away as first prizes and ten second prizes of King/Grave Digger prize packages will also be awarded.

The “Hit the Bull’s Eye” meme comes from the company’s Bull’s Eye Tolerance in their ultra-tight control of bearing wall thickness.  Inconsistent shell-to-shell bearing wall thickness can have a negative impact on clearances between the bearing and the journal on main and connecting rod bearings.

By using advanced quality control procedures and statistical control methods, King claims the ability to maintain rod and main bearing wall thickness tolerances at an amazingly tight 0.0001″. While bearings aren’t the sexiest parts that come to mind when you are planning your project engine, precision at this level could be the difference between a finely engineered machine and a very expensive boat anchor!

The promotion runs from September 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012. No is purchase necessary and winners will be selected at random. The entry form and more information can be found at HERE.