One of the beautiful things about the automotive enthusiast hobby is that you’re free to build whatever you want, given that you have the funds to complete the project and the vision to see it take shape. We recently heard about the team at Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah, who specialize in creating such visions for discreet owners. 

Take, for example, the wicked widebody Fox we’ve got photos of here. Although Kindig-It is not responsible for providing the powerplant and finishing touches on the drivetrain, the owner has tapped them to create a sweet stretched look from the stock 1991 Mustang’s flanks.

Check out how the exhaust outlets are blended into the widebody fenders - once this project is finished and painted, it's gonna look awesome!

According to Kindig-It’s Sherri Candland, “The wide body is steel and flared four inches in the rear and approximately three inches in the front. There are also custom side exhaust vents made from steel, and we’ve installed our own unique bar style door handles to give it that unique touch.”


In keeping with the handling theme, the car has also had a Maximum Motorsports suspension kit put in place underneath, including Bilstein shocks, a torque arm, and a Panhard bar to go with the front coil-over Bilstein strut/spring arrangement that is typical of a Maximum Motorsports kit.

We can appreciate the owner’s wish to widen the body using hand-made steel panels, as there have been fiberglass kits on the market for years that will accomplish the task, but never appear “factory” – you can always tell they’ve been grafted on. If the expertise of the Kindig-It team is any indication (check out their website for other sick builds) this car will look like it was delivered that way from day one.

It’s no small feat to make a Mustang look different from the pack, but this owner is well on his way.