Ever since the “Drag Radial” phenomenon took off across the country, Kevin Fiscus has been working his tail off to get to the top of the heap. Since partnering up with fellow Floridian Josh Klugger to combine forces and run one top-of-the-class car, the team has been almost unstoppable. Despite battling it out with racers like Steve “Stevie Fast” Jackson, Kyle Huettel, and Kenny Hubbard, Fiscus and Klugger have been wearing the wheels off their Proline-powered Mustang. The car is powered by a 632 cubic-inch big-block Ford and pressurized by a set of Precision Turbo 94mm turbochargers, and this past weekend at Maryland International Raceway’s World Cup Finals, Fiscus drove the car to a world record 6.48 at 236 MPH pass - the quickest and fastest quarter-mile pass ever on a set of drag radial tires.

The Fiscus/Klugger Mustang rolls on a set of 315/60/15 Mickey Thompson radials, and the team was quick to credit a number of sponsors who have stepped up to help the team this season. “The guys at Mickey Thompson have been great to us this year - we’re part of Team M/T this year for the first time. We’ve also been working pretty closely with Dave at Proformance Racing Transmissions and running one of his two-speed Turbo400 transmissions. Mark Menscer of Menscer Motorsports has been a real big help to us in figuring out the suspension, too. He re-valved our Afco shocks and we’ve been able to perform real well with the modified pieces. And without Josh in the program we’d never be able to do this,” said Fiscus.

He continued, “I know this car as it sits will run low .40’s, maybe even high .30’s under the right conditions.” Although the team was out in the second round with an off-pace pass against eventual semifinalist Jorge Luis Morales, the record run combined with the rest of their 2012 performances left them with a sweet aftertaste of 2012.

But don’t think this record pass will have the team sitting back over the wintertime. “This car has over 200 passes on it this season, so she’s going to be put down for a while. We’ve got a new car coming from Racecraft Inc., which will use their chassis and our drivetrain. We’ve got a sponsorship with them for the next two years to run their car. The car’s coming along and we expect to have it in the beginning of December to wire and plumb it. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new car,” he says.