The hits just keep on coming in the Drag Radial ranks. But this latest hit might just be one of the most shocking.

On Friday afternoon, ahead of Saturday’s rescheduled Ronnie Brown “No Holds Barred” 28’s Gone Wild event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, perennial Outlaw Drag Radial frontrunner Kevin Fiscus, whose 2004 Ford Mustang was wearing a set of Mickey Thompson’s world-beating ET Street Radial Pro tires, unleashed the quickest 1/4-mile pass ever recorded on the small 275 drag radials, stopping the timers in an incredible 6.79 seconds.

And the best part is…the Fiscus/Klugger team wasn’t even trying to set a 1/4-mile record.

Fiscus, in his 632 cubic inch, twin-turbo, Proline big block-powered mount, blasted to a likewise impressive 4.48-second elapsed time at 182 mph to the 1/8-mile and threw the laundry out well before the 1/4-mile stripe (around 800 feet), but still managed to coast across at 6.79-seconds at just 179 mph. Once word of the run hit the internet, conversations began immediately regarding just how quick the team could or would have gone had Fiscus poured the coals clear to the scoreboards.

Of course, in this case, he didn’t have to leg it out to make his mark.

In February, NMRA Street Outlaw racer Phil Hines became the first to break the six-second barrier on 275 radials in his supercharged, small block Mustang, when he ran a 6.89 at 198 mph, also at the South Georgia facility. Prior to Fiscus’ monster shot, that run stood as the all-time 275 radial world record. But now, it’s history, and the question left to be begged truly is…how quick can Fiscus (or anyone else that straps on the 275 Radial Pro tires) go in a full-pull to the 1/4-mile mark? Klugger believes their run would’ve netted a high 6.50 at around 240 mph. Eventually, some brave soul will deliver the answer, but for now, Fiscus is the king of the mountain with a number no one could’ve ever imagined. Parachutes out and all.