The legend of Kenny Brown-tuned Mustangs stretches over many decades, and his name is well known in pony car circles as a master of Mustang performance. For many years he worked under Steve Saleen, helping bring those famous Mustangs to the front of the racing pack, before striking out on his own. He has been plying his Mustang trade solo for 25 years now, no small feat in the fast paced world of muscle car performance.

To celebrate, Kenny Brown has announced a two-day celebration for September, reports Mustangs Daily, and all makes and models of performance cars are welcome.

Of course there will be a special emphasis on Kenny Brown performance cars, of which a limited number were built in the last quarter-century. Kenny Brown worked on more than just Mustangs, of course; numerous Ford products, from the Mercury Marauder to the Taurus SHO, and even the venerable Explorer SUV has received the Kenny Brown touch. The 25 year anniversary hopes to bring a number of these performance cars together to celebrate the legacy of this important performance brand.

As for the actual celebration, it is slated to take place September 9th-11th at Putnam Road Course, just west of Indianapolis. On Friday there will be a BBQ and a meet and greet with the legend himself, Kenny Brown. Then on Saturday and Sunday, there will be an open track day and driving school alongside a shine ‘n’ show for Kenny Brown performance vehicles (and anyone else who decides to show up.) The highlight of the event will be a banquest on Saturday night. It sounds like a grand old time to us, and if anyone decides to hit it up, be sure to share your pictures with us.